Megger TTR™100 Handheld Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

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Megger TTR™100 Handheld Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
  • Features & specifications

  • Most accurate with highest turns ratio in the industry, ± 0.1%
  • Single and Three-Phase Transformer Testing
  • Fully automatic, fast; easy-to-use, handheld, robust, and lightweight
  • Battery powered with power-saving and shutdown function
  • Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, vector group, winding resistance and polarity
  • RS232 for data transfer and printing
  • Stores 200 test results and 100 user-defined transformer test settings

Type of Power Rechargeable NiMH battery pack, 3.6 V dc, 3800 mAh
Battery Life 15 hours of field operation
Charger input voltage 100-250 V ac, 50/60 Hz ±2 Hz Unit can be operated while charging. Charging time is approximately three hours
Optional charger source Optional inverter 12 V dc to 115 V ac for powering a charger from vehicle battery (non CE marked)
Excitation Voltage 8 V rms for testing distribution or power transformers, and PTs; 1.5 V ac RMS, or 8 V ac RMS for testing CTs.
The excitation voltage is switched automatically if excitation current exceeds a preset value
Test Frequency 55 Hz internally generated providing a universal 50/60 Hz test set
Excitation Current Range 0 to 100 mA, 4-digit resolution
Turns Ratio Range 8 Vac: 0.8 to 20,000, 5 digit resolution (for transformers and PT testing)
1.5 V ac: 5.0 to 2200, 5 digit resolution (for CT testing)
Phase Deviation Range ±90°, 1 decimal point for the minutes display, 2 decimal points for the degree display, or for the centiradian display
Winding Resistance Range 0 to 2000 Ω, 4 digit resolution
Transformer Vector Group 1PH0 or 1PH6
Transformer Polarity Additive or Subtractive
Current (rms) accuracy ±(2% of reading + 1 digit)
Phase Deviation Accuracy ±3 minutes
Turns Ratio Accuracy ±0.1% (0.8 to 2000)
±0.15% (2001 to 4000)
±0.20% (4001 to 10,000)
±0.25% (10,001 to 20,000)
Winding Resistance Accuracy ±(10% of reading + 1 digit) for 10 Ω to 2000 Ω range
±(10% ±1 mΩ) for 10 mΩ to 9.99 Ω range
±(10% ±0.5 mΩ) for 0.1 mΩ to 9.99 mΩ range
PC/Printer Interface RS232C port, 9-pin, 57.6 Kbaud (19.2 Kbaud for the printer)
Display full graphics LCD module, wide temperature range, 128 x 64 dots (21 characters by 8 lines)
Test Result Storage Internal, nonvolatile memory for storing up to 200 sets of single-phase measured and calculated ratio, exciting current, phase, ratio error, winding resistance, polarity, vector group, plus header information (company, substation, transformer manufacturer, transformer rating, instrument serial number, temperature, relative humidity, and operator name)
In addition, up to 100 user-defined transformer settings can be stored
Computer Software Included software for downloading of data to a PC, data storage to database and report printout
Test Leads Supplied with one complete set of single-phase leads, 6 ft (1.8 m) in length
Transformer Winding Phase Relationship ANSI C57.12.70-1978
CEI/IEC 76-1:1993 and Publication 616:1978
AS-2374, Part 4-1982 (Australian Standard)
Safety/EMC/Vibration Meets the requirements of IEC-1010-1, CE and ASTM D999.75
Temperature Range Operating: -4° F to 131° F (-20° C to 55° C)
Storage: -58° F to 140° F (-50° C to 60° C)
Relative humidity Operating: 0 to 90% noncondensing
Storage: 0 to 95% noncondensing
Protective Devices High voltage side shorting relays, transient voltage suppressors and gas surge voltage protectors
Measuring Time 8 to 20 seconds for a single-phase distribution transformer
Measurement Method ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90
Dimensions 9.5 H x 4.5 W x 1.875 D in. (241 H x 115 W x 48 D mm)
Weight Approx. 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), instrument only, without leads
Protective Carrying Case Neoprene case with carrying strap and attachable pouch for universal charger and 6 ft. (1.8 m) test leads, single-phase connection (two leads for the H winding and three leads for the secondary winding with tap