GE GTUTK20 Secondary Injection Test Kit

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General Electric GTUTK20 Trip Unit Test Kit
  • Application

  • The General Electric GTUTK20 Digital Trip Unit Test Kit is a lightweight Secondary Injection Test Kit designed for field-testing EntelliGuard® TU trip units.
  • Key Features

  • Input: 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz or two 9-volt batteries
  • Powers trip unit with less than 15% load on breaker
  • Powers trip unit when Trip Unit Battery needs replacing
  • Ground Fault testing with Ground Fault Trip Indication
  • Verification of metering (phase simulation)

General specifications
Included with GTUTK20 Test kit box
24V DC power supply
Serial Communication Test Kit cable for connection to PC
Trip Unit cable to connect GTUTK20 to EntelliGuard® Trip Unit
Set-up software for set-up of trip unit and download waveforms
Test Modes Metering Test
Breaker Trip Test
Ground Fault Test
Overload (Long Time) Test
Short Time Test
Shipping weight 5 lbs.