Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System

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Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System
  • Application

  • The Doble TDR9100 is a state-of-the-art circuit breaker test system that efficiently and accurately tests all types of circuit breakers. It does main contact timing, motion, resistance, and capacitance measurements with the flexibility to double or triple your usable channels.
  • Key Features

  • Sampling rates up to 20 kHz and expanded analog measurement ranges
  • Complete test reports in Excel, Word, and PDF formats
  • User-friendly T-Doble software features an intuitive control panel
  • Pre-insertion resistor and capacitance measurement capability
  • Detects main contact and resistor contact timing errors

Specifications - Main/Resistor Contact timing
OCB Configuration 3 Contacts
EHV Configuration 12 Contacts - up to 36 with ganged units
Resolution 50 μs / at max sample rate
Maximum sample rate 20 kHz
Resistor detection range 10 Ω to 10 kΩ
Resistor (Insertion) Value Range 10 Ω to 7000 &Omega
Measurement Accuracy Resistor value: ± 10%
Capacitor value: ± 10%
Capacitance Detection Range 75 pF to 10,000 pF
Voltage isolation to chassis 1.0 kV

Specifications - Trip/Close initiation Control
Maximum input current ± 100 A
Maximum input voltage ± 300 V
Voltage isolation to chassis 1.0 kV

Specifications - Motion Channels
Number of channels 3 - up to 9 with ganged units
Connector 15-Pin D
Voltage isolation to chassis 1.0 kV

General Specifications
Recordings 25 seconds (all channels at max resolution). Up to 87 minutes (reduced resolution)
Communication USB or Ethernet
Safety Safety Ground
Remote Safety Switch
Audible Indication (test in progress)
Dimensions 24.0 X 15.5 X 8.5 in
60.9 X 39.4 X 21.6 cm
Weight 24 lbs / 11 kg
Power Supply 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature 0° to 50° C operating
-25° to 70° C storage
Humidity Up to 95% relative humidity non-condensing