Doble M4000 Insulation Analyzer

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Doble M4000 10kV Power Factor Insulation Analyser
  • Features & specifications

  • The M4000 evaluates the condition of high voltage power apparatus
  • Power Factor/Tan Delta Testing to confirm insulation integrity
  • Capacitance Testing to measure physical changes in the apparatus
  • Turns Ratio Testing to detect shorted turns or winding damage
  • Leakage Reactance Testing to evaluate winding deformation
  • Excitation Current Testing to evaluate transformer magnetizing circuit
  • Capacitor bank testing to detect deteriorating or failed capacitors
  • Easy and accurate testing with Doble Test Assistant (DTA) software

Configuration of ISR Rental Units (M4000 System)
M4100 Mainframe (Built-in) The M4100 Analyzer Mainframe is the cornerstone of the M4000 System
DTA Field software The DTA Field software DTAF) supports data retrieval with apparatus specific test forms, standardized test procedures and test result analysis
M4151 Field Calibration Reference Module The M4151 Field Calibration Reference Module provides calibration verification of the M4100 in the field
Safety Strobe Light (SSL) The Safety Strobe Light (SSL) flashes while the M4000 tests are in progress, providing a visual warning of high voltage presence
Temperature/Humidity Probe The Temperature/Humidity Probe (THS) automatically measures temperature and humidity, providing critical information for the diagnostic evaluation
Liquid Insulation Test Cell (MLF) The Liquid Insulation Test Cell (MLF) allows testing of oil samples
Transport Case Designed for the safe transport of the instrument

Technical specifications for M4100
Input Power 95-264 VAC; 47 to 63 Hz; 16 A max at 110 V; 10 A max at 220 V
NB: There is no loss in performance when used with portable generators
Output Voltage Range 0 to 12 kV
Output Power 3 kVA
Output Current 100 mA continuous at 10 kV
200 mA > 30 minutes at 10 kV
300 mA > 4 minute at 10 kV
Output Frequency 45 to 70 Hz (Resolution: 0.1 Hz)
Test Current Range: 0 to 5.0 A auto ranging
Resolution: 0.1 μA
Power Factor/Tan delta Range: 0 to ±100.00% (PF); 0 to ±999.99% (Tan d)
Resolution: 0.01% (0.0001)
Capacitance Range: 0 to 100 μF
Resolution: 0.01 pF
Inductance Range: 6H to 10MH
Resolution: 0.01 mH
Watts Range: 0 to 2 kW, actual power
Resolution: 0.5 mW
Operating temperature -20° to 50° C / -4° to 122° F
Dimensions 10.3 H x 20 W x 25.3 D (inch); 26 H x 50.8 W x 64.1 D (cm)
Weight 95 lb / 43 kg
Shipping weight 224 lb / 101.82 kg