Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator

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Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator
  • Application

  • The F6150SV tests protection relays and schemes. It tests individual components or an entire scheme and assesses protection system performance for analog testing of 1A and 5A protection devices. It offers IEC61850 testing as well as Sample Value Process Bus and Station bus applications in one test set.
  • Key Features

  • Increased amplifier power output and ranges
  • Protection scheme testing using State Simulation and Transient testing
  • Metering at 0.2 class CTs and Transducers
  • End to End testing of Communication Based Schemes
  • Configurable for Bench testing and proof of concept testing

General specifications
AC Ranges 6 X 8.75, 17.5, (35)Arms (L-N)
3 X 8.75, 17.5, 35, (70)Arms (L-N)
1 X 8.75, 17.5, 26.25, 52.5, 105, (210)Arms (L-N), S1 S2 S3
DC Ranges 6 X 5.83, 11.6, (23.3) Adc
3 X 5.83, 11.6, 23.3, (46.6) Adc
1 X 5.83, 11.6, 17.5, 35, 70, (140) Adc S1 S2 S3
Power 6 X 87.5VA/87.5W; (6 X 131.25VA/131.25W)
3 X 262.5VA/262.5W 3 X 175VA/175W; (3 X 262.5VA/262.5W)
1 X 525VA/525W; (1 X 787.5VA/787.5W)
Options included F6803: WiFi interface
F6005: Enhanced Rating Option
F6810: High Power Convertible Voltage/Current Sources
F6870: Sampled Values option
F6885: Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver Interface
F6895: Global Positioning System Receiver and Antenna
F6910: Simulator Control; and Automation Module
Enclosure High impact, molded, flame retardant ABS meets National Safe Transit Association testing specification No. 1A for immunity to severs shock and vibration.
Weight including front cover and strap 42 lb. (19.05 kg.)
Dimensions (15 x 9.5 x 18) in. (38 x 24 x 45.7) cm.