AEMC PEL-103 Power & Energy Logger

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AEMC PEL-103 Power & Energy Logger
  • Application

  • The AEMC PEL-103 Power & Energy Logger is a low cost one, two (split phase) and three phase power/energy data logger. It is ideal for building and system monitoring and upgrades, as well as residential and overall energy audits.
  • Features of AEMC PEL-103 Power & Energy Logger

  • Easily measure, record, and analyze all vital energy data
  • Generate reports with minimal configuration time and effort
  • Instrument can be installed inside a load center panel
  • Measures and records three voltage inputs and current inputs
  • Measures and records Watts, VARS, VA and Energy (kWh and kVA)
  • Calculates and records PF, DPF, Crest Factor, Frequency and THD

Sampling Frequency 128 samples per cycle; 50/60Hz (16 samples per cycle at 400Hz)
Data Storage Rate 1 per second
Demand Period Storage Rate User selectable (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 30, and 60 minutes)
Recorded Parameters
(Single and Poly-Phase)
V, I, W, VA, var, PF, Tan, Wh, VAh, varh, THD (V and I)
Individual harmonics (from 1 through 50 per phase); Crest Factor (CF), Cos f/DPF
Event Log Tracks and records status changes and error messages along with recorded data
Front Panel Indicator LEDs Bluetooth active, recording in progress, phase connection reversal, overload, battery charging, LED status
Storage capacity SD Card included / SD cards up to 32 GB formatted FAT32 are supported
Voltage Inputs 4 Input Channels
Current Inputs 3 current input channels