AEMC 8435 PowerPad®

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AEMC 8435 PowerPad
  • Application

  • The AEMC 8435 PQA measures Trms voltages up to 1000 Vrms AC/DC for two, three, four, or five-wire systems. The instrument is designed for outdoor use.
  • Features of AEMC 8435 PowerPad

  • Current measurement of up to 6500 Arms (sensor dependent)
  • Direct measurement of neutral current and voltage
  • Frequency measurement (40 to 69 Hz systems)
  • Transient detection on all V and I inputs (up to 210
  • Measures harmonics for V, I, or W, up to 50th harmonic
  • Available for rent or purchase (new)

Electrical specifications
Sampling frequency 256 samples per second
Data storage SD card for trend recording; additional separate 12.5 MB partitioned memory for snapshots, transient/inrush & alarms
Voltage (Trms) Phase-to-Phase: 2000V
Phase-to-Neutral: 1000V
Voltage Ratio: up to 500kV
Current (Trms) MN Clamp: 0 to 6A/120A or 0 to 240A
SR Clamp: 0 to 1200A
MR Clamp: 0 to 1000Aac, 0 to 1400Adc
MiniFlex: 10 to 3000A
AmpFlex: 10A to 10kA
SL261 Clamp: 50mA to 100Aac/dc
J93: 50A to 3500Aac/dc
Current Ratio: 10mA to 50kA
Frequency (Hz) 40Hz to 69Hz
Other measurements kW, kvar, kVA, PF, DPF, kWh, kvarh, kVAh, Factor K, Flicker
Harmonics 1st to 50th, Direction, Sequence
Power source 9.6V NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)
External AC supply: 110/230Vac ±10% (50/60Hz)
Battery life ≥8 hours with display on; ≤35 hours with display off (record mode)
Communication Port Optically Isolated USB
Display ¼ VGA (320 x 240) color LCD display with adjustable brightness & contrast
Dimensions (10.6 x 9.8 x 7.1)in. (270 x 250 x 180)mm
Weight 8.2lbs (3.7kg) with batteries
Safety rating EN 61010, 600V CAT IV(2), 1000V CAT III, Pollution Degree 2