New handheld equipment

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Prova AVM-03 Thermo-Anemometer
Prova AVM-05 Thermo-Anemometer
Prova AVM-07 Thermo-Anemometer
TES-1340 Hot Wire Anemometer
TES-1341 Hot Wire Anemometer
MTP-2020 Hot Wire Anemometer

Battery Capacity Testers

TES-32 Battery Capacity Tester
TES-33 Battery Capacity Tester


Prova 100 4-20mA Loop Calibrator
Prova 123 Multifunction Calibrator
Prova iCal Multifunction Calibrator

Capacitance Meters

TES-1500 Capacitance Meter

Circuit Tracer

PF-620 Pathfinder

Clamp on Meters

Prova CM-02 Clamp Meter
Prova CM-03 Leakage Current Tester
Prova CM-05 Current Probe
Prova CM-07 Clamp Meter
Prova 11 mA Clamp Meter
Prova 15 AC/DC mA Clamp
Prova 2000 High-Current Clamp
TES-ADC1000 Current Transformer
TES-3040 Clamp Meter (AC/DC)
TES-3079K HVAC Clamp Meter
MTP-3094 Clamp Meter (AC/DC)
MTP-3096 Clamp Meter (AC/DC)

Electrosmog Meters

TES-593 Electrosmog Meter
TES-92 Electrosmog Meter

EMF Testers

TES-1390 EMF Tester
TES-1393 Triaxial EMF Tester
TES-1394 Triaxial EMF Tester

Gas Analyzers and Detectors

CO-180 CO Detector
GD-3300 Gas Leak Detector
TES-1370 CO2 Analyzer

Ground Testers

Fluke 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Clamp
Prova 5601 Ground Tester
TES-1700 Earth Tester

Heat Stress Monitor

TES-1369 Heat Stress Monitor


TES-1365 Thermo-Hygrometer
MTP-1368 Thermo-Hygrometer

Insulation Testers

TES-1601 Insulation Tester
TES-3660 Insulation Tester

LAN Cable Testers

TES-46 LAN Cable Tester

Light Meters

TES-133 Luminous Flux Meter
TES-135A Color Meter
TES-136 Chroma Meter
TES-1335 Light Meter
TES-1336A Light Meter
TES-1339 Light Meter
TES-1339R Light Meter

Micro & Milli-Ohmmeters

SEW-6237 DLRO Micro-Ohmmeter
SEW-4137mO Milli-Ohmmeter
Prova 700 Milli-Ohmmeter
Prova 710 Micro-Ohmmeter

Motor Rotation Indicator

MTP-8010 Phase Sequence Detector


MTP-2950 Bench Multimeter
Prova 903 Multimeter
TES-2700 Multimeter
TES-2712 Multimeter

Particle Counters

Airy P311 Laser Particle Counter
Fluke 985 Particle Counter
TES-5110 Particle Counter
TES-5321 AIR QUALITY Monitor
TES-5322 AIR QUALITY Monitor

PH Meters

TES-1380 pH Meter

Power Clamps & Loggers

TES-3063 Power Clamp
Prova WM-01 Power Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzers

AEMC 8336 Power Quality Analyzer
AEMC 8435 PowerPad
AEMC PEL-103 Power & Energy Logger
MTP-3200 Power Quality Analyzer
Prova 6830 Power Quality Analyzer
TES-3600 3Φ/4W Power Analyzer

Solar Analyzers & Meters

Prova 1011 Solar System Analyzer
Prova 200 Solar Module Analyzer
Prova 200-24 Solar Module Analyzer
Prova 218 Solar Module Analyzer
TES-1333 Solar Power Meter
TES-1333R Solar Power Meter

Solenoid Testers & Voltage Testers

MT-702 Mag Stick Solenoid Tester
MT-702-62EX Solenoid Tester
Standard Voltage Tester
Explosion Proof Voltage Tester

Sound Level Meters

ST-805 Sound Level Meter
TES-52A Sound Level Meter
TES-1351B Sound Level Meter
TES-1352S Sound Level Meter
TES-1353S Sound Level Meter
TES-1354 Noise Dose Meter
TES-1355B Noise Dose Meter
TES-1358C Acoustic Analyzer
TES-1358E Acoustic Analyzer
MTP-1890 Sound Level Calibrator


Prova RM-1500 Tachometer
Prova RM-1501 Tachometer
Prova RM-1502 Contact Adaptor


Prova 800 8-Input Thermometer/Datalogger
TES-1304 Digital Thermometer
TES-1311A Digital Thermometer
TES-1312A Digital Thermometer
TES-1316 Digital Thermometer
TES-1327K Infrared Thermometer
MTP-1329 Infrared Thermometer
Prova 69 Temperature Logger