TES-52A Sound Level Meter

TES-52A Sound Level Meter
  • Feature summary

  • Datalogging function (99 sets)
  • 5 Selectable ranges
  • 0.1db Resolution
  • Range from 30 to 130dB
  • Analog AC & DC outputs
  • A & C Frequency Weighting
  • Fast & Slow dynamic characteristics
  • Bargraph indication
  • Price: $265.00 US dollars

General Specifications
Applicable standards IEC61672-1: 2003 Class 2, ANSI S1.4: 1983 Type 2
Frequency range 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz
Frequency weighting A and C
Time weighting Fast and Slow
Accuracy ±1.0dB (ref 94 dB at 1 kHz)
Measurement Level Ranges 6 ranges in 10dB steps: 20~80dB, 30~90dB, 40~100dB
50~110dB, 60~120dB, 70~130dB
Linearity Range 50dB
Digital Display 4-digit LCD, 0.1 dB resolution updated every 1 s
Quasi-analog bar indicator 1 dB display steps, 60 dB display range, updated every 0.125s
Alarm function OVER indicator ⇒ Displayed at the upper limit
UNDER indicator ⇒ Displayed at the lower limit
Microphone ½ inch Electret Condenser Microphone
Analog AC/DC Output 1 Vrms (at full scale), 10mVDC/dB
Manual Data Memory Capacity: 99 sets
Power Supply Four 1.5V LR-6AA size alkaline cell, AC Adaptor
Battery Life 50 hours, approximately
Dimensions 258(L) X 68(W) X 27(H)mm, or 10.2"(L) X 2.7"(W) X 1.06"(H)
Weight 310g (11.1 oz)
Accessories Instruction manual, Battery, Adjustment screwdriver, Windscreen
Optional 6V Adaptor, Tripod, MTP-1890 Calibrator, Microphone Extension cable (5m or 10m)