TES-46 LAN Cable Tester

Model TES-46 LAN Cable Tester
  • Features of the TES-46

  • Tests UTP, FTP, and Coax cables
  • Tests categories 3, 4, 5 and 5e
  • Verifies end-to-end connectivity per EIA/TIA 568 wiring standard
  • Locates wiring & connection errors and distance to open or short
  • Detects open, short, crossed, reversed, and split pairs
  • Measures cable length
  • Easy to use: One button to select your test
  • Battery life: 60 hours, continuous
  • Price: $345.00 US dollars

Display Large size LCD display
Connector RJ45 and BNC
Category CAT3, CAT4, CAT5, User-Calibration
Faults Status Opens, Shorts, Reversed, Crossed, Split Pair
Test Type TEST: provides a pass/fail report on the cable under test. In case a failure has been detected, the display offers additional diagnostic information
LENGTH: provides the length of each pair (for twisted pair cable)
WIRE MAP: provides the detailed wiring for the cable
Cable Length Range: 2 to 999ft or 1.0 to 350m
Resolution: Cables < 100ft: 0.5ft, Cables > 100ft: 1ft, Cables < 100 meters: 0.5m , Cables > 100 meters: 1m
Accuracy 5% + 3ft or 5% + 1m
Data Memory Capacity 99 sets
Power 6 pcs 1.5V size AAA
Battery Life 100 hours (alkaline battery)
Input Protection The inputs withstand telephone ringing and loop voltages
Dimensions & weight (150 x 72 x 35)mm; 215g
Environmental conditions Operating : 0° to + 40° , Storage : -20° to + 60°
Accessories Instruction manual , Carrying case , UTP Category 5 patch cable, RJ45F - RJ45F female coupler and Cable identifier #1 for verification of the wire map.
Option RID46-234: Remote Identifier Kit #2, #3, #4
Option RID46-5678: Remote Identifier Kit #5, #6, #7, #8