TES-3063 AC/DC Power Clamp-Meter

TES-3063 AC/DC Power Clamp
  • Feature summary

  • Measures current, voltage, and frequency
  • True RMS voltage, current, and power
  • True power, apparent power, power factor
  • Dual Display: kW + PF, kVA + PF, V + A
  • Peak Hold detector
  • V, A, W, capacitance, inductance, phase
  • Price: $565.00 US dollars

General Specifications
Maximum voltage 600 Vrms
Numerical dual display 4-digit LCD, maximum reading 9999
Bargraph display 40 segments
Jaw opening diameter 46mm diameter cables
Battery life Approximately 30 hours
Operating temperature and humidity 0 to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) below 80% non-condensing
Storage temperature and humidity -10 to 60°C, below 70% non-condensing
Dimensions 260(L) X 93(W) X 45(H)mm, or 10.2"(L) X 3.7"(W) X 1.8"(H)
Weight 450g (1 lb)
Accessories Instruction manual, 9V Battery, Test Leads, Carrying Case
Optional TES-3064 RS-232 Interface Adaptor and Software