TES-2700 True RMS Multimeter
  • Feature summary

  • Autoranging and Auto power off
  • 3200 count LCD with analog bargraph
  • Data-hold mode available at ohms
  • Overload protection up to 660Vrms
  • Price: $75.00 US dollars

General Specifications
Display 3200 counts of resolution
DC Voltage Ranges: 320mV, 3.2V, 32V, 320V, 600V
Best accuracy: ± 0.5%
AC Voltage Ranges: 3.2V, 32V, 320V, 600V
Best accuracy: ± 1.2%
DC Current Ranges: 320μA, 3200μA, 32mA, 320mA, 20A
Best accuracy: ± 1.0%
AC Current Ranges: 4mA, 40mA, 400mA, 20A
Best accuracy: ± 1.5%
Resistance Ranges: 320Ω, 3.2kΩ, 32kΩ, 320kΩ, 3.2MΩ, 30MΩ
Best accuracy: ± 0.8%
Accessories User's Guide, Test Leads, 2 AAA Batteries, 1 Spare Fuse, Protective Holster