TES-1311A Digital Thermometer

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TES-1311A Digital Thermometer
  • Feature summary

  • Single Channel Thermometer
  • Type “K” thermocouple input
  • Autorange resolution 0.1° / 1°
  • With °C & °F switching
  • Offset (relative) function
  • Max & Min function
  • Date Hold function
  • Room temperature compensated
  • Flip-up stand
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Price: $95.00 US dollars

Measuring Range -50°C to 1350°C (-58°F to 1999°F)
Sensor Type K thermocouple
Resolution (°C) -50°C to 199.9°C. Resolution: 0.1°C, otherwise 1°C
Resolution (°F) -50°F to 199.9°F. Resolution: 0.1°F, otherwise 1°F
Accuracy -50°C to 1350°C: ± (0.1% rdg + 1°C)
-50°F to 1999°F: ± (0.1% rdg + 2°F)
Sampling rate 2.5 samples per second
Dimensions 135(L) x 72(W) x 31(H)mm (5.3" x 2.8" x 1.2")
Weight 235g (8.3 oz)
Accessories Batteries, Holster, Instruction Manual, Type K Thermocouple