Phenix PM15-2 DC Hipot Tester

Phenix PM15-2 DC Hipot Tester
  • Features & specifications

  • Output voltage continuously variable to 15kV
  • Zero Start. Safety interlock
  • Adjustable overcurrent trip point
  • Large easy-to-read analog meters
  • Fully regulated output voltage
  • Internal short-circuit protection
  • Illuminated pushbutton
  • Guard mode bypasses stray leakage current
  • Integrated cable storage bin
  • Very light weight, rugged design
  • Off zero and overcurrent trip buzzer
  • Integral megohmmeter for insulation measurement

Specifications, Applications, & Benefits
Description The PM15-2 is built with the most advanced high voltage technology available. The combination DC Hipot/high voltage Megohmmeter makes the PM15-2 extremely versatile and thus valuable for field or in-house applications. It incorporates a variable overcorrect trip circuit which will instantly de-energize the high voltage power supply if such a condition is encountered. The trip setting can be as low as 10% or as high as approximately 110% of full scale reading. Overcurrent trip is indicated by an audible alarm. The unit will go into current limiting state at approximately 110% of full current output rating. Designed with the technician in mind, the PM15-2 utilizes the latest in switching power supply technology which produces less ripple (.4% pk-pk at full output) and brings the total weight of the unit down to an incredible 15lbs (6.8 kgs).
Input voltage 120V or 220V, 50/60 Hz. (Please specify when placing order)
Output Voltage 0 to 15kV DC
Output Current 2 mA
Voltmeter 3½ digit, analog. Ranges: 0 to 7.5 kV DC and 0 to 15 kV DC
Current/Megohmmeter 3½ digit, analog
Accuracy ± 2% of full scale
Dimensions 18"L X 11"W X 12"H (457 X 279 X 305)mm
Weight Net weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Cables and documentation
  • Input Cable, 7 ft. (3-prong cable with ground)
  • Output Cable, 10 ft. (shielded)
  • Return Cable, 10 ft.
  • Ground Cable, 10 ft.
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Operation/Maintenance Manual, 2 copies