Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer

Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer
  • Features & specifications

  • Measures power factor
  • Measures sags, swells, flicker, and transients
  • Measures harmonics to the 50th
  • RS-232 as well as LAN interfaces
  • Detects high-frequency transients
  • Simultaneous measurement of 4 voltage channels and 4 current channels
  • Voltage ranges to 600 Vrms, current to 5000 Arms depending on CT
  • Memory capacity can be configured, minimum 32 MB with rental units
  • Can be battery powered with rechargeable battery pack (standard)
  • Various configurations are possible, but the standard configuration includes four voltage leads, four 500 amp CT's, 32 MB memory, software, AC adaptor, and carrying case