Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer

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Hioki PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer
  • Features & specifications

  • Category IV Certified Safety rating measures up to 6000V peak transients
  • Complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 2 Class A International standard
  • Memory Data Capacity: 2GB SD memory card
  • Voltage Frequency Range: DC to 3kHz-Harmonics, 3kHz to 80kHz-Hi order
  • Harmonics, 80kHz to 700kHz- Transient Overvoltage detection
  • Voltage measurement: 600V rms, Transient measurement: 6kV peak
  • Simultaneously record 8,000 or more parameters
  • Available for Rent. Not currently available for sale Used

General Specifications
Maximum recording period 55 weeks (with repeated recording set to [1 Week], 55 iterations)
55 days (with repeated recording set to [1 Day], 55 iterations)
35 days (with repeated recording set to [OFF])
Maximum recordable events 55,000 events (with repeated recording on)
1000 events (with repeated recording off)
TIME PLOT data settings TIME PLOT interval (MAX/MIN/AVG within each interval recorded)
  1s, 3s, 15s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m,1h, 2h
  150 cycle (at 50Hz), 180 cycle (at 60Hz), 1200 cycle (at 400Hz)
Screen copy interval (screen shot at each interval saved to SD card)
  OFF, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 2h
Timer EVENT interval (200ms instantaneous waveform saved at each interval)
  OFF, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1h, 2h
Time start and End
  OFF: Start recording manually
  ON: Start time and End time can be configured
Repeated recording settings (maximum 55 iterations)
  OFF: Recording is not repeated
  1Week: 55 weeks maximum in 1week segmentations
  1Day: 55 days maximum in 1day segmentations
Repeat time
  Daily Start time and End time can be configured when Repeated recording set to 1Day
Recording items settings Power (Small): Recording basic parameters
P&Harm (Normal): Recording basic parameters and harmonics
All Data (Full): Recording P&Harm items and inter-harmonics
Memory data capacity 2GB SD memory card
PRESETS function U Events
  Record and monitor voltage elements and frequency, plus detect events
Standard Power Quality
  Record and monitor voltage and current elements, frequency, and harmonics, plus detect events
Inrush Current
  Measure inrush current (basic voltage measurement required)
  Record only trend data, no event detection
  Measure according to EN50160 standards
Real-Time Clock function Auto-calendar, leap-year correcting 24-hour clock
Real-time clock accuracy ±0.3 s per day (with instrument on, 23°C±5°C (73°F±9°F)
Power supply AC ADAPTER Z1002 (12 VDC, Rated power supply 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz)
BATTERY PACK Z1003 (Ni-MH 7.2VDC 4500 mAh)
Maximum rated power 15VA (when not charging), 35VA (when charging)
Continuous battery operation time Approx. 180 min. [@23°C (@73.4°F), when using BATTERY PACK Z1003]
Recharge function BATTERY PACK Z1003 charges regardless of whether the instrument is on or off; charge time: max. 5 hr. 30 min. @23°C (@73.4°F)
Power outage processing In the event of a power outage during recording, instrument resumes recording once the power is back on (integral power starts from 0)
Power supply quality measurement method IEC61000-4-30 Ed.2 :2008
EN50160 (using Model PQA-HiVIEW PRO 9624-50)
Dimensions (W x H x D): (300 x 211 x 68)mm (11.81 x 8.31 x 2.68)in. (excluding protrusions)
Mass Approx. 2.6 kg (91.7 oz.) (including battery pack)
Accessory list Instruction Manual or CD
AC Adapter
Power Cord
Four Voltage Leads (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Gray)
Four Black Leads
Eight Aligator Clips (one for each cable)
2 GB SD Memory Card
Four 500A Current Transformers
USB Cable
Battery Pack NI-MH 7.2V 4500 MAH
Hang Strap
Hard Case
PQA-View Pro Software CD Version 2.06
Tray Inside Case

Measurement Specifications
Transient overvoltage Sampling frequency: 2MHz
Measurement range: ±6.0000kVpeak; Resolution: 0.0001kV
Measurement bandwidth: 5 kHz (-3dB) to 700 kHz (-3dB)
Minimum detection width: 0.5 μs
Measurement accuracy: ±5.0% rdg.±1.0%f.s.
Frequency Measurement range: 70.000Hz, Resolution: 0.001Hz
Measurement bandwidth: 40.000 to 70.000Hz
Measurement accuracy: ±0.020 Hz or less
Voltage unbalance factor Sampling frequency: 200kHz
Measurement range: 0.00% to 100.00%
Measurement accuracy: ±0.15%
Current unbalance factor Sampling frequency: 200kHz
Measurement range: 0.00% to 100.00%
Voltage DC value (ch4 only) Sampling frequency: 200kHz
Measurement range: 600.00V, Resolution: 0.01V
Measurement accuracy: ±0.3%rdg. ±0.08%f.s.
Current DC value (ch4 only; with release of new clamp-on sensor) Sampling frequency: 200kHz
Measurement range, resolution: Based on clamp-on sensor in use
Measurement accuracy: ±0.5% rdg.±0.5%f.s. + clamp-on sensor accuracy
Active power Measurement accuracy: ±0.2% rdg.±0.1%f.s. + clamp-on sensor accuracy
Apparent power Measurement accuracy: ±1 dgt. for calculations derived from the various measurement values
Reactive power Measurement accuracy: ±1 dgt. for calculations derived from the various measurement values
Active energy Measurement accuracy: Active power measurement accuracy ±10 digits
Reactive energy Measurement accuracy: Reactive power measurement accuracy ±10 digits