AstroNova Daxus Portable Data Recorder

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AstroNova Daxus Portable Data Recorder
  • Features & specifications

  • Mobile App: Daxus is all about mobility. When you are away from your system, you can view real-time, scrolling waveform data of your ongoing data acquisition on your smartphone or tablet via the Daxus mobile app. You can also receive notifications and review recent captures for quick, on-the-spot troubleshooting.

  • Networked: In networked applications, an unlimited number of Daxus units can be controlled and monitored, wirelessly or through Gigabit Ethernet interface, from a central workstation or multiple PCs on your network. Daxus captures, handles, and stores all data locally, so network bandwidth has no impact on sample rates.

  • Stand-Alone: When used as a standalone data acquisition device, you simply configure your Daxus, or multiple stacked Daxus systems for high channel counts, on a PC using the included software, then disconnect the PC and let Daxus collect data. Or, you can load your Daxus setup files onto a USB thumb drive and upload them directly to Daxus for storage. Daxus features a front panel display with dedicated control buttons for loading setup files, starting or stopping data captures and triggering.

  • PC Software: For PC-based applications, the powerful Daxus software provides intuitive drop-down menus and a customizable control panel to set up one-touch controls for your convenience. Available functions include: loading and saving setup files, amplifier settings, data capture and triggering parameters, cursor measurements and review and analysis functions.

  • Recording Capacity: Each Daxus has loads of data recording capacity with a standard 500GB SATA drive, or an optional 128 GB Solid State Drive for more demanding environments. Intelligent Data Capture features include pre/post triggering, logical and/or triggers, multiple sample rates and data capture automation for repetitive testing. A battery backup ensures no loss of data in the event of a power disruption.